Power of Post-it

27 Mar

A student at Savannah College of Art and Design created this Post-it video for her senior project. She uses several still images of Post-its to make a video.


Products you need to make your own movie:

Yellow Post-its on post-it.com

Neon notes on Post-it.com

Post-it ultra colors cube


Digitize your Post-its

8 Mar

I discovered the sticky notes on my Apple within weeks after getting my laptop. At first, I rebeled against the idea of digital notes. I was attached to my paper Post-its, which I could paste and place anywhere I wanted. But then I realized I had the option of even more sets of notes. Digital notes allow you to keep a list open on the desktop of your computer. You can add thoughts as soon as you think of something. I keep at least three open at all times.

One of the notes on the desktop of my laptop. Simply type in "stickies" in the magnifying glass of your Apple, pick a color, font, and start making lists.

Post-it products also makes digital Post-its that let you bookmark and tag from your browser.

Post-it digital notes in various colors.

Post-it digital notes take your note-taking skills to a whole new level. With digital notes you can:

1. Set alarms

2. Place the note holder in your task bar

3. Change fonts and colors

4. Add photos

5. Send notes to contacts on your computer

A desktop with three Post-it digital notes open.

Just another way to stay ultra-organized.

Canvas of Post-its

7 Mar

You won’t find Post-its in the paint aisle at your local art store, but these tiny pieces of paper turn into works of art with the right idea. Take a look at how others have executed Post-it art.

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Note Worthy

6 Mar

While a proposal via Post-its doesn’t scream romantic, for the organizational-prone we can’t resist. Either this guy knew his finacé was head over heels for Post-its or he didn’t want to go the cliché route with a ring stuffed inside dessert. “Post-its: strong enough to bind a marriage.”

Mark your Spot

5 Mar

We all know the traditional use of Post-its: reminders, notes, and lists. But, Post-it products make it possible to do so much more. One of my favorite note-taking tools are Post-it flags.

Post-it sticky flags in electric yellow, lime green, bright orange, neon pink, and teal

Post-it flags work best when reading. Peel off a flag and place it in a book, textbook, or handout to mark your spot.

I read "The Zen of Social Media Marketing" for a book review. I used Post-it flags to mark pages throughout the book.

Pages open with Post-it flags holding my spot.

Post-it also makes flag packages, so you can keep a set of flags in your purse, school bag, or desk.

Individual sets of Post-it flags.

Prank with a Post-it

4 Mar

You’d be surprised what you can do with a tiny sticky note. After researching the web, people have pulled off some extravagant Post-it pranks from covering rooms with yellow notes to wrapping an entire car with neon Post-its.

Jaguar covered in neon notes

Post-it car

I wonder how many Post-its it took for these roommates to deck their friend’s room in yellow stickies while he was away on vacation. Their guess: 15,000 Post-its


Inspired? Here’s how to pull off your own Post-it prank:

1. Enlist a few friends or co-workers

2. Stock up on Post-its. Best time? Sales at Target, Staples, and Office Max

3. Find out your friend’s schedule and start the prank while they’re out

4. If you’re covering a room or piece of furniture, start at the back. This way don’t mess up any notes as you post your way through

5. And surprise!

“I Invented Post-its”

3 Mar

The movie Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion tells the story of two women preparing for their dreaded high school reunion. To avoid the teases of their high school enemies Romy and Michele fabricrate stories about what they’ve done since high school. In the heat of the moment, Michele tells four women she invented the Post-it. The women gawk at her, eating up every word. But we all know who the real inventor was.